Throughout this week we discussed how Women are portrayed through the media, the entertainment and music industry, and pornography. The way in which women are portrayed can certainly come off as offensive to a vast majority of females. In certain genre's of music women are commonly referred to as 'bitches' 'sluts' and 'hoe's'. This definitely can effect the way that society portrays women. Especially the Generation X and Y will be affected by this as they see these stars to be role models. Young people will mimic what these people do in order to fit into their social groups and to be popular. It is not often thought of as 'cool' to act like a gentlemen and be respectful towards women. This also comes from the power balance as Males want to have power and that means being in control. Attractive women are quite often seen to be with powerful and successful figures. Therefore men try to gain the power balance in order to be more attractive to women.

We also discussed body image with women. There are so many eating disorders and plastic surgery operations being done to try attain 'perfection' Perfection is usually seen as what is popular in the latest magazines at the time. So whoever follows the entertainment industry and reads the magazines will be a slave to the media and basically a puppet of social advertising. This is also crossing over to the male gender especially in the 'meterosexuals' Men are also becoming more conscious about their appearances with constant grooming, tanning, and hours at the gym to get the look they think women want. So it seems everyone is a slave to the media and we are just robots waiting for them to give us a new set of instructions. I think everyone should just do whatever makes them happy and not be so concerned with social status and image. Because at the end of the day, someone that tries to hard isn't attractive either.