Semester Review!
This semester has been very informative and I have learnt a lot about women's health! We covered a broad range of topics that were very interesting. I enjoyed completing the assessment tasks and I can now say I also made my very own website! Thanks for a great semester :)
Healthy Aging of Older Women
I never realised just how in depth menopause was. I knew what it was and why it happened, but i never realised the extent to which it affects the body. Especially when it comes to heart disease and osteoporosis.I also found the risk of breast cancer very alarming. Although its quite a low risk for women under 30 (1/2296) it jumps dramatically for people 30-39 (1 in 244 at risk), and even higher for elderly women over 70 years of age (1 in 11). There are so many health issues around been thrown at women, however it's crucial to change behaviours and attitudes. It starts with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Smok,ing and drinking also needs to be limited or eradicated to lessen the chances of obtaining one of the many health issues prone to women. Growing old all seems a bit too scary, so women need to be educated about what exactly is going to happen throughout menopause so no nasty suprises arise!
Same Sex Relationships
I found this lecture very interesting, as I had never really stopped to think about the health issues associated with people of same sex relationships. I am most probably not the only one to have not realised the health risks these people face, it goes to show how naive we can be. Same sex relationships are a debateable topic, however it has come a long way in todays society. Although there will always be people who completely disagree, agree or sit on the fence, it is important that no matter what your own opinion is, that these women in same sex relationships are not discriminated against. Discrimination is a common reason for these women lacking assistance from the health care system. They feel they will be judged for their sexuality. However when you close the door on talking about something essential such as sexuality your closing the door on discussing many other health issues. This image i posted below shows a form of discrimination. Why do we have to label a marriage or relationship between two women or two men as 'gay marriage' or 'gay relationship'? Yes they may be of the same sex, but it's still a marriage or a relationship, just like eating lunch, it isnt a gay lunch. This quote really got me thinking about why it is that people label same sex marriages or relationships as gay. We don't label a straight couple who are married as a 'straight marriage', so why label others?
This lecture also got me thinking about people in same sex relationships not being able to adopt. However how many parents out there do we see that are incompetent to raise a child? Gay's and lesbians are still people, they obviously can't have a child together but why should this take away the oppurtunity to raise a child? For them to go to so much effort to fight against legislation to adopt a child, shows that they would really love to have this oppurtunity to love and care for a child.
I was reading Tony Abbotts view on the topic, "If you’d asked me for advice I would have said to have – adopt a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about all of these things..." If he plans to run this country, he needs to change his attitudes towards this topic. Show some respect and equality for these people.


Substance Abuse
After the lecture, it really got me thinking about what kind of a life my grandmother's lived. A life where they knew no better but to serve and wait upon their man. I found the 'Tips on being a good wife in the 1950's' very direct, a thorough guide to the do's and don'ts. Living in the 1950's for a woman would have been an extremely tough job, women of the 21st century should count themselves lucky! I know I sure do. However although the lives of women have improved significantly over the decades, a large population of females are involving themselves in drugs. Being only 19 years of age, I'm still into the whole clubbing scene so I see a lot of girls taking illicit drugs and suffering drunkorexia. The reasons they give for taking the drugs and drinking themselves stupid are rediculous. Some claim they 'don't want to remember the night', others don't eat while drinking because they will sober up too quickly hence having to spend more money on alcohol, and then there's the common reason of 'it's the cool thing to do'. But is it? Will it still be cool when she's pregnant to a guy she doesnt know? Or when she's so drugged up she gets sexually assualted? Many girls don't consider the serious health risks associated with drugs, they just see the potential for a loose night full of fun. This leads me on to the Jill Meagher story. When i heard the news i was disgusted that a man could take advantage then murder such an innocent woman. It's scary to think she only had such a short distance to go to get home, yet in that short time so much could happen to take her life. The world is a sick and disgusting place in today's society. It goes to show you cant trust strangers, always be with someone when walking home, even if its just around the corner! There are far too many lives been taken!

Domestic Violence
We all live such busy lives, and although we all know domestic violence exists, I feel it goes unnoticed. I have never been involved in domestic however despite the number of health care options available for victims of domestic violence, many women who are physically abused either keep quiet because they are afraid of the future abuse to come, or they make excuses for the person who is abusing them (possibly due to believing they love them). The song 'Face Down' by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is about domestic violence. The lyrics ' do you feel like a man when you push her around, do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?' shows the empowerment men may feel over a women. Men who physically abuse women feel they have a sense of higher power or superiority over the woman. This is definitely not the case! Men may be stronger than women, but that is a given. However it provides no right for a man to abuse a woman. It angers me that men could even consider to abuse a woman, especially one, such as their partner, who they supposedly love and care for. Every woman deserves to be happy and safe, we must encourage all women to seek help and immediately leave the situation if they are involved in domestic violence, because it is a never ending cycle!

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Clip -

Week 7.
When is it the right time to have a child?
The tute this week really got my mind thinking about when is it the right time to have a child? To be honest there is no 'set' time. I believe things happen for a reason. We choose our pathways of life, so when you want to or feel ready to have a child, that is completely up to you. I've always been focused on getting a good education and having a stable job which in return will hopefully have me set up to provide the best i possibly can for my children. I also believe it is important to have a reliable and supportive partner. Like the presenter on 'TED' mentioned, women don't just have one job when they have children, they have 3- a mother, a cleaner/chef and their own personal job. Therefore i believe it is important that your partner has a great interest in sharing the work load with the children and within the household. I've also had a personal goal to live and work in the UK whilst also travelling. I would love to achieve all this while I am still young (19 years old) before I settle down.
In saying this, I do understand that not everyone is given this oppurtunity to choose when they begin a family. This may be due to health reasons. Women should be able to have children when they feel they are ready, without being judged by society. It is very easy for people to sterotype or criticise people (especially teenagers) who have children. One day I took my 2 year old neice for a walk, little did i exect to be judged, however people driving past called out rude remarks and many people stared giving unfriendly looks. Women of any age should not feel judged like this, because no one knows the story of a stranger.

Week 6.
Abortion. Is it right or wrong?
To be honest, I nor agree or disagree with abortion. Personally I believe everyone deserves a chance at life however for some people there are legitimate reasons for abortion. For instance teenagers who fall pregnant, usually are not ready, nor were expecting to fall pregant. They may lack the financial support for building a healthy environment for the baby, the relationship between the male and female may be unsupportive or they are simply just not ready to begin a family. I understand that teenagers should be practising safe sex, with the use of contraception, however accidents do happen. Hence why they call them 'accidents'. I believe a child deserves to be brought into the world, surrounded by love and happiness, and if that cannot be provided, the child should not suffer. Another prime example of wanting an abortion is if a woman had been raped. Bringing a child to life who was only created due to being raped can have many negative effects on the mother. The child may bring back memories of the traumatic event. This can create a negative relationship between the mother and child. Therefore for extreme cases I believe abortion should be accepted.
Week 5.
Women are not Objects!
After the tute on Monday, I was catching the train home when i picked up the MX magazine. The front page headlined ' Women Paid Less in Every Brisbane Suburb' really caught my eye. Many questions rambled off throughout my mind, 'why are women paid less?', 'Is it because men think they are superior?', 'or is it because we are seen as obects?'. We pay the same to study at university, we study the exact same content, so why aren't we paid equally? This got me really thinking about women being viewed as an 'object'. Why are men considered to be 'humans' and women as 'objects'? When you really think about it, women are described as sexual objects in all forms of media. Song lyrics describe women as 'bitches' and 'hoes', women in many song film clips are skantily dressed, dancing around the stage in a suggestive manner, well recognised athletes are photographed in a passive manner dressed in skimpy clothing to show off their body (prime example below), and the list goes on. What really disgusts me is the new rage on facebook. Over millions of people are logging onto the well known social networking site, and over hundreds of thousands are 'liking' pages entitled, 'naked selfies', 'wankbank' and 'ametuer naked pics'. There are girls as young as 15 sending in naked photo's of themselves for the world to see, to be judged (either hot, or not) by strangers. It is absolutely disgusting that women as young as 15 have no self respect! They are willingly positioning themselves as sexual objects! How are we, women as a whole, meant to move forward and gain equality and erase the idea of women being objectified when we have women blatently providing their bodies to be a sexual tool for men?


Week 4.
After reading the link posted on BlackBoard about the media distorting body image, I found the picture above, which i believe really captivates the idea of how technology & the media can alter a persons appearance.What we see in the media is a misrepresentation of the female appearance. They are creating a unrealistic 'perfect' body image, which many women are falling for. We all look in the mirror and complain about something to do with our appearance, 'my bum looks big in this', 'my thighs are too fat', 'my skins blemished!'. Then we start comparing ourselves to celebritites and models in the media. But they are not perfect! They are no better than any other woman. Their skin is airbrushed & the images are altered. In the real world they are just like anyone else, so why dont the media portray real life body images. Use models of a realistic size, a size reflecting sexy curves! Take natural photos, with no airbrushing and no image altering! If the media let women relate to natural looking women of a healthy weight range, we wouldn't be constantly comparing ourselves & we would have less health issues (eating disorders, dieting & depression).
Week 3.
Who decides what beauty is? Is it the media, our society, fashion industries? Who? Since when did skin and bones take over the natural female figure of beautiful curves? In today's society, there is a mad obsession with being extremely thin, and everyone seems to be jumping on board! We've all been hearing alot about the Olympics lately, but what really got my blood boiling was the way in which the media portrayed Australian swimmer, Leisal Jones (pictured below). All over the media, there were suggestions that Leisal is overweight and furthermore, questions regarding whether she should have even been competing in the 2012 Olympics due to her weight arose. Leisal's body image should not even be considered, she is an olympic athlete ready to compete for our country. Why is it that the media recognise her body image over her athletic ability. It digusts me that her own country are putting her down, lowering her confidence and stereotyping what society want women to look like.
The media play such a large role in characterising the 'ideal woman'. When do we ever see women in a postive manner in the media? Very rarely. To be in the media, women are expected to be thin, feminine and sometimes even in skimpy clothing. Take womens sport for instance, if women are photographed for the media, they are rarely photographed in action, instead they are dressed in skimpy clothes, done up with make-up and posing to attract male attention and portray the society's view of women.
What about our society? Everywhere women look, there are beauty salons which shout, 'Hair free, pain free, get your wax here!', 'Be Beautified! Get your eyebrows & lash tint', 'Glow with a fake tan'. Women are expected to have these beauty services, most women don't even think twice about it because in today's society its just the 'normal' thing to do. What happened to loving ourselves for who we are. There is nothing beautiful about a fake orange tan, a face caked in makeup or bones sticking out! Help change the perception of women in todays society, and love yourself for who you are! Self-confidence can go a long way.
Week 2.

This weeks tute was a big eye opener in regards to the differences between gender and sex. I've never stopped and actually deconstructed the two terms to note just how different they are. It's clear to me now that 'sex' refers to your biological make up, it is what we were born with, however 'gender' refers to a social construction, who you believe you are. The term gender arises many traits usually associated with males and females. We consider women to have feminist traits and males to have have masculine traits generally. It was interesting to note how quickly we all are to categorise different traits to be either feminism or masculine. A great example I noted in class was when the tutor asked, 'who tells more stories, men or women?' Instantly, without a second thought the class was calling out 'women!' The common stereotype that women talk more then men!

On this note, I found a contradicting image of two women. One mentioning feminism and equal rights, the other replying with 'STOP! If i laugh right now, I'll rip out a fart!' Typically this is not a feminist thing to say, so it really contradicts the common traits associated with men and women.
Can't both men and women have some feminist traits and some masculing traits?